We are here for our customers

Our reform process gained full momentum in 2016. We implemented measures for developing both the customer experience and the internal operating model.

In 2016, we further improved the customer orientation of our operations by implementing an extensive customer experience program. Its objective was to further improve customer satisfaction and to further enhance the position of customer orientation as the cornerstone of our operations. The measures produced results. The service experience has improved, as has customer satisfaction.

As part of the work for developing the customer experience, we invested resources in our internal operating model. Samlink’s own way to work emphasizing openness and interaction has been extensively used as part of daily work for the whole year. The business premises in Espoo were also renovated to support the new operating model. For our customers, the internal rejuvenation has produced clear advantages: the measures carried out have improved both quality and efficiency.

As evidence of our fulfilment of the card security requirements and our quality as a provider of card services, our PCI DSS certificate was renewed. We also expanded the services provided to customers and commissioned a new data storage solution. In addition, we began an extensive workstation reform in our customer banks, completed in spring 2017.

Reform has brought clear benefits to our customers.

The digitalization projects of customer banks were initiated and progressed. All in all, availability has been good in production throughout the year. Consequently, customer satisfaction has been good, and our customers have assessed important deliveries to have been excellent.

We achieved our financial targets and have operated with ample cost-awareness in all areas. Next, we will concentrate on reforming the basic banking system and on further development of the customer experience.

I wish to extend my warmest thanks to our customers, partners and personnel for 2016.

Pentti Unkuri
Chief Executive Officer