In 2014, Samlink celebrated its history of 20 years. Solid competence in the financial sector had steadily produced good results, but there was some uncertainty in the horizon. Price competition in IT services for the financial sector had intensified, the demands for efficiency were on the increase and changes were taking place among Samlink’s customers.

We want to succeed with our customers and be the strongest financial sector partner in Finland.

In October 2014, Pentti Unkuri started as CEO of Samlink and quickly initiated Samlink’s reform process. The company had to be brought closer to customers, efficiency and clarity of activities had to be improved, future visions had to be introduced in the basic system and courage to consider new business models was called for. Major changes were necessary so that meeting the customers’ needs could also be ensured for the future. The period of rapid reform began.

Strategy work creates clear goals

The work for establishing a new direction for Samlink began at the end of 2014. The entire basis of operations was analyzed, and finally the company’s mission, vision as well as its strategic goals and focal points were revised in extensive cooperation with the company’s personnel and customers. Samlink’s new vision became “Expertise, passion, technology – Leading solutions for the success of our finance sector customers”.

The purpose of strategy work was to establish clear and comprehensible goals and action plans. As a result,  a text of one A4 sheet was created, describing the new vision-compliant Samlink and the way in which goals are intertwined in it. The company also wanted to illustrate the new future in a manner that would stand out from other IT houses. The process diagram-style expression was abandoned and the new Samlink was described as a lush green tree.

Understanding the necessity of reform was a key factor in ensuring the success of the changes made in 2015. On the other hand, living in a constant state of change also requires inspiring goals. That is why it was important to create a story that would inspire feelings and call for a common will in order to materialize: We are the strongest Finnish partner in the financial sector. People want to become our customers. People want to come to work with us.

Customer experience becomes a success factor

By the spring of 2016, many things have changed since the story began. The work continues and Samlink will next focus on customer experience. Digitalization, changes in business operations and the increased expectations of consumers have made customer experience one of the most critical success factors in all sectors.

If service is not developed by assessing the experiences it produces, it will not create the expected customer value. Samlink ensures that its customers succeed together with the company, also in the future.