Summary of 2017

Preparations for reforming the core banking system continued. Several significant and extensive deliveries were successfully carried out during the year.

The preparations for reforming the core banking system continued in 2017. A new data storage facility was commissioned, and work on building an archiving solution for the future began. In the field of official regulations, the IFRS 9 standard, MiFID II (which improves information security) and the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation were among the important themes. Diverse deliveries supporting customers’ business development and the development of digital banking services were completed. In November, a modern financial management system was put into production for Finnvera.

An extensive workstation renewal project was completed in the branch offices of our customer banks, as was most of a project to construct redundant data communication connections.

Systematic preparations are underway for the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation.

The availability of production was excellent in 2017. Critical systems only had approximately 12 hours of downtime during the year. The number of transactions processed kept increasing, standing at approximately 1.9 billion.

Several security audits were carried out during the year, and our PCI DSS qualification was verified in the annual audit. Our security work consists of security-aware personnel as well as functional cooperation with the sector and public authorities.



The integrator manages the whole picture

The work of an integrator became more solid and diverse. We deploy the SIAM service package to provide optimal and holistic support for our customers throughout the lifespan of all services.

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