Success is based on functional cooperation

The goals regarding better customer experience and new operating model were attained. Success is based on functional cooperation.

At Samlink, the year 2016 was guided by measures for preparing the reform of the basic banking system. We succeeded in improving customer satisfaction and in introducing the new operating model. The role of overall management has become more important in product development, which was evident in the development work of incident management and integration services, for example.

The new internal operating model was in full swing in 2016. It shows in the way we work and also in the Espoo business premises which are now more open and supportive of interaction. An extensive workstation reform was started at the customer banks’ branch offices.

Goals are achieved through cooperation.

The availability of production was excellent in 2016. Cooperation with our suppliers ensured a commendable operational reliability. The availability of critical systems was 100% almost throughout the year. The number of transactions processed kept increasing and was approximately 1.8 billion in 2016.

During the year, several security audits were carried out at Samlink, including PCI DSS and ISAE 3402, which showed that the management and implementation of security are of the high standard required by the financial sector. We also started preparations for implementing the new requirements set by EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. The cornerstones of our security work are the security-conscious personnel and management, well-working cooperation within the sector and with public authorities, as well as the extensive network of

Key events in 2016

  • The PCI DSS certificate was renewed as evidence of fulfilment of the data security and quality requirements.
  • Systematic development of the customer experience program has improved customer satisfaction.
  • The operating model and the reform of business premises increased the agility of daily work at Samlink.