Sights on the whole!

Systems, code and services are increasingly purchased as a service package. When IT is acquired from different suppliers, a body administering the whole is also required. Consequently, the demand for integration services is constantly increasing. Samlink provides an overall management service, having both technical competence and knowledge of the financial sector as its competitive edges.

Business in the financial sector is carried out with data systems, and well-functioning systems are a prerequisite for successful business operations. When IT is acquired as a service from different suppliers, the role of overall management becomes emphasized. Therefore, Samlink’s integration services are designed to compile the services of different suppliers into one entity. The management of a multi-supplier environment involves plenty of other things besides technology.

The demand is growing – the competence is there

Overall management is much more than just system integration. The service also includes taking into account the inter-dependencies of different systems. It is also important to ensure that the changes made in one system also work in other systems — and that the whole package operates as required.

Hence, besides looking at the big picture, the integrator also takes even the tiniest details into account. At the end of the day, it is all about having operational systems and allowing our customers to concentrate on their core business and its development.

Big picture including details

Samlink provides integration services to suit the customers’ needs: the management service can include the entire IT system or merely parts of it, for example certain interfaces. This applies to both our proprietary solutions and solutions developed by ours.

Regulations and directives are a particular subject of attention in the financial sector. If they are not complied with, sanctions will follow. In the worst case scenario, the business cannot continue. That is why data security and compliance, for example, are critical parts of the overall management.

Smoother daily operations

For our customer in the financial sector, integration services equal smoother daily operations – even if acquisitions have been made from various sources, there is one entity responsible for the whole.

Samlink is also providing its customers with a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) service where all user support is available from one location. In practice, the customer always contacts Samlink’s Service Desk when needing user support. The Service Desk finds the answer and comes back to the customer with it.

Overall management and user support make our customers’ lives easier. No matter whether it is a question of systems or user support, a reliable partner can always provide the right guidance.