Pilotage is a vision of things to come

Samlink provides views of future themes in the financial sector. Known as pilotage, these reviews deal with technology, trends and regulation. Pilotage provides you with comprehensive information packages where the topics of and phenomena in the financial sector are discussed from the business perspective. In 2016, the pilotage articles became public when Samlink started publishing them on its website.

In 2016, the topics of pilotage published by Samlink were PSD2, blockchain, Big Data and mobile payments. The topics for discussion are found by following the markets and by identifying the issues of significance to our customers. The selected subject must be important for the financial sector, Samlink’s strategic field of business.

Usually, these topics involve packages of information which are not always easy and straightforward to comprehend. Samlink takes hold of the issue, summarizes the essence of it and what is happening, outlines the challenges and possibilities — and presents recommendations for actions. Each pilotage also includes recommendations of how to proceed with the subject matter.

Customer at the center

In its strategy, Samlink has defined success with the customer as one of its goals. The customer and customer experience are always at the center from idea generation to implementation, also in pilotage.

The pilotage packages are compiled by Samlink’s team of experts. They also have external experts and customer representatives take part in the discussion. This ensures that the topic has been correctly understood from customers’ business point of view and that the package facilitates success with the customer. The public pilotage published at the website is the end result of cooperation between different actors. In addition, Samlink’s customers are provided with a more extensive deliberation on the subject.

Therefore, the pilotage packages are created by sparring with the customers and support their businesses in the rapidly evolving business environment.

Public debate is the goal

Samlink’s public pilotage produces comprehensive packages of topical issues in the financial sector. Their purpose is to serve as information packages for customers and to create, and above all maintain, a public debate of issues affecting the sector in a large scale. Therefore, dialogue is an integral part of the pilotage process – not just between Samlink and the customer, but between all actors, competitors and service providers in the sector. Open dialogue enhances the common understanding regarding current and future issues. Therefore, Samlink’s pilotage contributes to creating a common understanding in the financial sector. The debate is refined to benefit not only Samlink’s customers, but also the entire financial sector in Finland.