A major project will reform the core banking system

In 2018, Samlink will start the reform of the core banking system in close cooperation with its customer banks and partners.

The core banking system reform will allow responding to future challenges and creates a new kind of flexibility for the banks’ business development. Samlink has been preparing the reform for several years now.

The project is extensive and requires strong input from all parties. The ongoing negotiations between our owners and the Norwegian company Evry will affect the way in which the project is implemented.

The reform will speed up and facilitate the development of services.

The main objective of the core banking system reform is to speed up and facilitate the development of digital banking services. There are significant possibilities for utilizing digitalization in the banking sector. We support our customers in utilizing the possibilities and in building a digital bank.

We will also continue supporting our customers regarding the development related to regulation of the sector and to new banking services. Our new data storage solution was commissioned in the past year. Next, a modern archiving solution will be put into production.


Customer interfaces are opening

The Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2), which is now in effect, requires banks to open their customer interfaces to third parties. In the future, any company will be able to provide payment services, irrespective of its line of business. For banks, the reform opens up opportunities for establishing new partnerships, for expanding their customer base, and for diversifying their range of services.

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