In cooperation with our customers – with their best interest in mind

The basic banking reform and customer experience program are our main themes for 2017. We are implementing both in close cooperation with our customers.

We are developing customer experience, our operating model and competence in order to serve our customers even better. Therefore, our vision Expertise, passion, technology will also guide Samlink in 2017: we are aware of the possibilities of utilizing information technology in developing financial services, we always want to serve our customers better and are a reliable and high-quality implementer of the possibilities offered by digitalization.

The main theme for this year is the reform of the basic banking system. It will bring new flexibility to the banks’ business development and respond to the future requirements of the operating environment. The objective is to enable the launching of modern digital services and to improve the pace and flexibility of development work regarding basic services. Preparations are also made in the reform of the basic banking system for the entry into force of the PSD2 Payment Services Directive and EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. We are implementing the basic banking reform in close cooperation with our customers.

Expertise, passion, technology – also in 2017.

Another key area of focus in 2017 is further development of the customer experience. We will continue the implementation of our extensive action program, collect information on customer satisfaction systematically and optimize our operations on the basis of feedback received. We want to improve the fluency of our entire supply chain from offers to deliveries and will systematically modify our operations towards improved transparency. We believe that genuine cooperation and openness will enable our customers’ success.



The PSD2 will open new opportunities

The PSD2 Payment Services Directive requires the banks to open their customer interfaces to third parties. It allows our customer banks to develop new kinds of payment services and creates diverse cooperation opportunities. The PSD2 Directive is also a key factor to be taken into account in the basic banking system reform implemented by Samlink.