Enhanced day-to-day operations in new premises

Samlink’s holistic development work is progressing at a good pace. The operating model has been reformed, and the visual appearance of premises in Espoo has been upgraded. The changes improve comfort, interaction and efficiency. Above all, the goal is to improve the customer experience: when work flows smoothly inside the house, it is also visible to the outside world. The development work has received positive feedback, both from our personnel and our customers. Cooperation is now more fluent than ever.

Continued improvement of the customer experience is Samlink’s priority number one. As part of the development package, the internal operating model was reformed and the method of operation was taken in a direction which strongly supports interaction. The work for developing the operating model started in 2015 already when the organization was being restructured.

Own way of doing things

Two leading method frames were taken as the basis of the new operating model: ITIL and SAFe. ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is a collection of best practices for managing IT services. In turn, SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) means the management of agile development, a concept strongly adapted by the financial sector. By combining the best aspects of two methods already known to work well, a new way to work, supporting our work with customers, was created for Samlink. The new operating model was already in full swing in 2016. This has meant a move towards a matrix organization where more than 20 teams are sharing their expertise.

People like working with us

The customers see our employers’ satisfaction as better quality and service. The upgrade of Espoo premises was implemented both to support the new operating model and to improve the employee experience. In line with the principles of the new operating model, the office was modified to encourage interaction: walls were removed to make a multi-space office. The number of quick conference rooms also increased. The premises were made more comfortable by introducing corners with sofas, Samlink’s brand colors and pot plants.

The employees were offered a choice between a fixed place of work or flexing without a fixed place of work, allowing them to choose from several different places of work in the morning. Flexing employees can also utilize the focus rooms allowing them to concentrate.

Successful package

The new operating model can be considered a success, both from the customer perspective and for the employee experience. For the customers, the internal rejuvenation has produced clear advantages: the measures carried out have improved both quality and efficiency. Cooperation and transparency of operations have improved all the time while the new operating model has been implemented.

From the employees’ perspective, the reforms have provided a boost for everyday work. Even those who chose flexing have found their place: the possibility to sit next to the colleagues they know well or to sit among quite new people for a change has been found to be a concept that works very well. Interaction breeds togetherness and strengthens the team spirit.