Samlink’s new vision was defined in early 2015, and digitalization became a more prominent subject on the company’s agenda: Samlink wants to promote digitalization in the financial sector.

Digitalization is a global phenomenon, changing the market conditions around the world and creating electronic systems. Information, products and services in digital form are already so much part of our everyday lives that they have a major impact on our culture and behavior. The successful companies see the new opportunities and ask whether conventional products and business models any longer have any use in a digitalized society.

Digital enthusiasm

Looking at Samlink’s visibility in 2015, one cannot avoid seeing the signs of a digital revolution. The 2015 issues of Samlink’s LINKS! magazine discuss the opportunities provided by digitalization and its impacts on services and their development. The news describe mobile development, investigation into digital banking services and the comments made in the digital services seminar organized for the financial sector. Samlink’s own customer event also concentrated on the utilization of opportunities provided by digitalization. Terms such as BigData, mobile certificate, blockchain, Pop up bank, biometrics, analytics and virtuality, became part of everyday business in the financial sector and Samlink.

In the financial sector digital courage is everything. Revolution opens up opportunities.

Digitalization also inspires and creates discussion within Samlink. Several studies, news and reports on the subject were distributed in 2015 among the market monitoring discussion group. The common knowledge bank is constantly growing.

Trends encourage development

In the financial sector, the development of digital services is a hot topic, and trend reports paint a picture of the future. In late 2015, the business development experts at Samlink were inspired by the financial trends report issued by Gravitytank. It encourages financial sector operators to develop solutions e.g. for real-time payments and collective investments and to utilize block chain technology. In turn, CEO Pentti Unkuri was inspired by the megatrends in digitalization listed by the Work Economic Forum and shared his observations in the LINKS! magazine.

Samlink supports banking customers in grabbing the opportunities provided by digitalization. The best results are achieved by utilizing cross-disciplinary competence. That is why cooperation is the backbone of Samlink’s operations, while the tools used include analytics, workshops, market monitoring and service design.

The trends indicate that an innovative and dynamic ability to implement new solutions is expected of financial sector operators. The “Uber” moment of the financial sector may be at hand. It encourages bold actions.