Customer experience becomes a success factor for the whole of Samlink

We want to further improve the customer orientation of our operations; this is our main theme for 2016. We are also making preparations for revising our basic banking system.

Customer experience is a key success factor for Samlink’s business. Our mission is to make life easier for our customers with reliable, efficient and appropriate services. In addition, our missionis to support the development of our customers’ businesses with new and innovative ideas. Success in these areas creates the basis for a positive customer experience. That is what we concentrate all our efforts on.

We want to succeed with our customers and be the strongest financial sector partner in Finland.

During this year, we will make customer deliveries and develop our own products to better serve our customers. We will, for example, launch a totally new credit system and move our data storage to a new environment.

Digitalization of the financial sector will be very much present in Samlink’s activities in the coming years. Responding to the business requirements of our customers will also affect the development of Samlink’s basic banking system. Until now, we have been carefully investigating alternative solutions for reforming the basic system, and the goal is to bring the matter to a decision during 2016.

Samlink has undergone an impressive reform process, and we are underway towards our vision to be the strongest Finnish partner in the financial sector.

Digitalization creates and challenges

Society is becoming increasingly digitalized, and the financial sector is right in the middle of that process. The development of networks and ICT has reached a level where information and the tools for digital production are available to all. We at Samlink help to identify and progress the customer’s own development potential in a changing operating environment. We believe that the best results regarding digitalization are achieved by utilizing cross-disciplinary competence.