A Partnership, where both parties add value to the customer

Meniga is a fast growing company from Iceland. Meniga´s Personal Finance Management -solution (PFM) is part of Samlink´s offering. PFM solution helps consumer to understand where their money is going and to gain more control over their spending and finances.

Meniga´s CEO Georg Ludviksson, what has happened in Meniga after co-operation with Samlink started in 2012?

- We are very proud and grateful that Samlink became one of our first clients. Since then we have grown from 20 to more than 100 employees, and from very few international clients to 16 major clients, some of them internationally known top-tier banks. Our goal is to create real value for both people and financial institutions by transforming raw transactional data into valuable and actionable information. We are considered among the thought-leaders in the fin-tech industry.

Samlink´s tough demands on behalf of their clients´ interests have helped Meniga’s business to grow and prosper. Meniga’s experience in working with banks all over the world, and staying at the cutting edge of the development of retail banking, brings a lot of value to Samlink and its clients. It is also beneficial that people in both companies truly like each other, they are all very capable, have a problem-solving mindset, and enjoy working together.

Georg Ludviksson sees that there is a tremendous shift taking place in people’s expectations towards financial services.

- Banks must be radical thinkers to maintain their relevance to customers. I believe that people expect their relationship with their money to be much more intimate. The natural step is to have a comprehensive mobile overview of all your financial life.

- After understanding the value of your own financial information, there will be a demand to receive some benefits from that value. We have already started testing a product, where people can save hundreds of euros through targeted offers from merchants and service providers.


Finnish Savings Banks wanted to provide Personal Finance Management tools for their clients. Meniga´s product was ready and available. Since fall 2012 their PFM tool has been a visible part of consumer service within Savings Bank’s online bank. This service called Finanssivahti was the first ever PFM service in Finland. Samlink is Meniga´s sole client in Finland.