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Intelligent Automation Streamlining Business Processes – Explore Cognizant Finland’s Intelligent Process Automation Publication

Cognizant is one of the world’s leading professional services companies delivering holistic ways to enhance the efficiency of processes. With Cognizant Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) we make processes smart. We help your organization build a holistic automation vision backed by a practical strategy. Working transparently with you we analyze processes to assess if they should […]

Building banking services of the future behind the scenes

Publishing new banking services accelerated in September when the PSD2 directive came into effect and banking interfaces opened up. The groundwork for utilizing open interfaces begun years ago. Possibilities and future views from PSD2, Open Banking and new technologies have been buffered in Samlink’s market researches from both banks’ and customer’s viewpoints. We have discussed […]

To the Next Level with Cognizant’s support – Samlink’s Next Level 2019 event on September 11, 2019 offered an overview into the future

Samlink organized an invitation-only event Next Level 2019 on Wednesday September 11 in Helsinki. Combining its forces with Cognizant this spring, Samlink’s business has risen to the next level. In this new era Samlink can respond to changes brought by constantly changing technologies and serve the clients even better together with Cognizant. In the event, […]

The Proof of Concept of the online invoice address register renewal project produced good results

Samlink is participating in an expert capacity in the development project implemented by the Federation of Finnish Financial Services to investigate how blockchain technology can be utilised for managing online invoice address registers. The purpose of the online invoice address register renewal project is to create an automatic address register which, among other things, would […]